Sports, Stadiums, Arenas and Church

March 16, 2015

I love sports. One could say that I grew up in a sports world. I played baseball, football and basketball. I enjoyed them back then, and I love watching them now. But, that was in the South.

Now that Brenda and I have moved to North Dakota, we have had the opportunity to go to several ice hockey games. I must admit being from the Deep South, the sport of hockey was not popular like it is in North Dakota. Matter of fact, if I wanted to see a hockey game in the South, it was only on television. Brenda was given some tickets to a University of North Dakota men’s ice hockey game and there were 9,000 people there and even though we did not know what was going on, sitting in an arena with 9,000 others, was a blast!

My favorite past time is watching college football, at least from home. Now going to a 9,000 seat arena to watch hockey is one thing but going to a big stadium to watch football is another thing altogether. No way would I attend, because some of these stadiums are attended by thousands of fans. I am satisfied with watching at home even though attending a football game would be a blast too.

What about church? If you think about it, it is just like going to a sports event. We go and we celebrate as a fan. We are loyal, give money and participate by sitting in our same seat, week after week with our church clothes on. Then we watch and listen to the service. Do you see what I mean, it is just like going to a game.

So is there any difference in attending a live sports event and going to church? Any serious sports fan and church attender know there is a serious difference. The question is, what is the difference, since to each is given the same dying loyalty?

Perhaps the answer is found in two simple words, temporary and eternal. The sports world is so much fun, but it is only temporary, literally forgotten during some seasons. The church is eternal, celebrated forever around Jesus Christ, where each moment in His very presence is never forgotten. Where the seasons never end and each play is breath taking. So, let’s play ball.

Pastor Phil