So, do you want to change your world?

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Who me? Are you talking to me about changing my world, the place where I live? No you have the wrong person, it just isn’t possible! Well, let me tell you a short story about a person who helped change the life of a person at least for a day.

There was a fire fighter who loved to run. He chose to run around a lake that was three miles in circumference. As he would run he would speak to everyone he saw and just say good morning.

On this one bright and sunny day he spoke to a young mother who was a runner too. He stopped and gave her child a sticker and then he asked about her knee. You see she had worn a knee brace many times as she would run but on this day she failed to wear it and all he did was to ask about her knee. The young mother was encouraged that he was so detailed to notice a missing knee brace. His kind observation helped change her world for that day and maybe for an eternity.

You might say, how did he help change her world? All he did was to just be kind! When I heard this story, God brought to my attention a verse of scripture. In Matthew 7:12, Jesus said these words, “So whatever you wish that others do to you, do also for them.”

You see the fire fighter just stopped thinking about himself, was observant and treated another with respect. Just a little bit of kindness and the young mother was encouraged.

In Philippians 2:4, Paul put it this way, “Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.” That is it, changing our world should be easy if we just put others first. Our churches would be full, lives would be changed and the gospel would be preached just out of plain kindness.

So, do you want to change your world? Then as Jesus put it, love your neighbor as yourself.

Pastor Phil